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Interior detailing for your Ford has many benefits and Sunset Body Shop in St. Louis, MO can help. We provide a variety of services from a full body shop to detail services that will keep your car in good shape. We also service many different types of vehicles, rather than just Ford. Here is more information about interior detailing and the benefits of adding it to your regular Ford maintenance.

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Interior Detailing Service

Sunset Ford offers a full interior detailing service to keep your car’s interior looking new and enhance your pride of ownership. Our full interior detailing service includes these services listed below.


Vacuuming and Washing

Your seats, headliner, carpeted areas, and even your trunk are all vacuumed. Your floor mats will also be scrubbed and dried with special attention to stains. This will remove any dirt, gravel, and leaves you may have brought in between services. We will even clean your leather and vinyl seats and trim with the appropriate cleaners.


Wiping Down Components

All your gauges, cup holders, and center console are wiped down to remove dust and crumbs. In addition, your radio touch screen will be cleaned off so that you have a clear view of your settings and maps. Your door panels are also wiped down to remove and reduce scuffs.


Cleaning Windows

All your windows should be cleaned regularly, not just your windshield (also see windshield repair services). When you have your interior detailed, then smudges and other types of buildup are removed to restore all-around visibility in all possible angles.


Interior Detailing Benefits

In addition to keeping your interior looking good and instilling ownership pride, regular interior detailing also has some of the following benefits:


-Keeps Your Interior Looking Good

The obvious benefit of interior detailing is to keep your interior looking good. A clean, uncluttered interior helps reduce stress and irritation.


-Helps Your Resale Value

A well-maintained interior tends to stay in better condition longer than interiors that are ignored. This will help you when you want to sell your car and you may receive better offers.


-Reduce Potential Health Issues

Regular vacuuming helps remove debris and dust that could cause allergies and contribute to poor indoor air quality. Also, keeping your interior clean of food particles reduces the chance of attracting unwanted pests.


-Promote Safety and Visibility

Dirty windows and windshield can reduce visibility enough to make driving difficult. Not only do smudges and buildup lower visibility, but they also add to fatigue because you are struggling to see.



If you need interior detailing, and you are either in or close to Saint Louis, MO area, then bring your Ford, or any other vehicle make or model, into family-owned and operated Sunset Ford Body Shop. We will make sure that your car or truck’s interior looks great when it’s time to leave. Also, check out our many other services that we offer!





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No matter your situation we’re happy to help!